Planetary Mixer

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Planetary Mixer (Chanmag – Made in Taiwan)

Technical Specifications

Model Capacity Power kw Voltage w.d.h Machine size N.W
CM-SP800 8L Mixer 0.19 1ph 47x38x66mm 28kg
CM-101 10L Mixer 0.25 1ph 43x43x66mm 59kg
CM-201 20L Mixer 0.375 1ph/3ph 54x52x85mm 90kg
CM-301 30L Mixer 0.75 1ph/3ph 63x64x101mm 150kg
CM-401 40L Mixer 0.94 1ph/3ph 64x61x105mm 170kg
CM-501 50L Mixer 1.5 3ph 65x61x107mm 200kg
CM-601 60L Mixer 2.25 3ph 80x75x132mm 400kg

Planetary Mixer : (Heavy Duty)

Satisfying The Demanding Professional Need of The Catering, Restaurant, Bakery And Extended Care Industries.

  • 3Speed - Heavy-duty & hight torqur, designed for strength and durability even with heavy loads
  • Stainless Steel Bowl - Agitator moves clockwise and shaft moves counterclockwise to reach every part of the bowl, this mixes all the ingredients thorouhly and there is no need to rotate the bowl.
  • Provided with torqur

S/S Bowl, Bread & Puffs, Biscuits & Cream Cakes & Egg :

S/S Bowl, Bread & Puffs, Biscuits & Cream Cakes & Egg
Model Capacity Power kw Dimn of Machine w.d.h size N.W
CM-801 80L Mixer 3.75/ 3ph 80x100x130CH 490kg
CM-1201 120L Mixer 5.625/ 3ph 850x110x145CH 560kg

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